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    Tagua by Dalia

    Tagua by Dalia

    Tagua Jewelry is made from the Tagua Nut which is known as "vegetable ivory" which is a sustainable and eco-friendly substitute for elephant ivory.

    The nuts are harvested from the rainforest floors of South America. Each seed is covered revealing a hard smooth core, perfect for carving.  Our artisans in Ecuador then transform the nuts into figurines, ornaments and naturally dyed jewelry.

    Our goal is to provide Fair Trade living income to the woman of Ecuador and to provide beautiful and sustainable products for you to cherish.  We are proud to be able to offer these beautiful hand crafted products to you.

    When you purchase a hand-made product from Tagua by Dalia, you become an ambassador of Fair Trade principles supporting equality and sustainability as well as helping to preserve our environment.  Small steps in the right direction take us further on our journey to a better world for everyone.

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