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    3D Glasses

     3D Glasses

                       anaglyph 3d glasses .    trioscopic 3d glasses

    A 3D Anaglyph Image is an 3D image with each half of the image produced through two different color filters. 3D viewing is achieved by viewing the anaglyph image through corresponding color eye glasses.

    The vast majority of 3D content in the world is in the anaglyph format. i.e. print publication, video, and especially, on-line internet viewing.

    Worldwideslides offers both economically priced cardboard frames, and reasonably priced plastic frames. They are available in a variety of different lens & color combinations. Viewing is optimal when the color of the lenses are closely match to the colors of the content to be viewed.

    paper & plastic Frame:  red/blue, red/cyan, red/green
    paper & plastic Frame:  magenta/green (trioscope)
    paper & plastic Frame:  red/blue, red/cyan, green/magenta
    paper & plastic Frame:  amber/blue (Color Code)
    paper & plastic Frame:  green/magenta (Trioscopic)
    paper & plastic Frame:  depth glasses
    paper, plastic, clip-on:   circular and linear polarized

    The lens that covers the left eye is stated first


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